How to Make an Official #FutureBoard

Welcome! I'm excited to teach you all about how to create and manifest your dream life using my #futureboards methods.


Hi There!

I'm Sarah Centrella, author of 2 best-selling books; Hustle Believe Receive and #FutureBoards, a manifesting expert and master life coach. I am the inventor of #futureboards and creator of the #HBRMethod.

As a Master Life Coach, I've been teaching people around the world how to create and live their dream life for nearly a decade. I've coached celebrities, professional athletes and many other high profile individuals and TRAIN life coaches to in my methods for success and manifesting.

Now I want to open up some of my exclusive coaching to YOU!

I get that not everyone can hire me to be their personal life coach, that's why I've created this circle.



Custom Create Your Future Life!

You will learn how to create a #FutureBoard that custom creates your IDEAL future life! 

Identify what you want in all areas of your life. 

Learn how to build the physical board that turns photos into REAL LIFE experiences, opportunities, and abundance!

How to speed up manifesting after your board is made. 

How to recognize your manifestations.


Become a Manifesting Gangsta!

You will learn all my secrets to creating a #FutueBoard that WILL MANIFEST. 

Including how to find the RIGHT pictures. 

How to dream HUGE!

How to remove your BLOCKS to manifesting.

How to focus on experiences that manifest quickly (without costing money!).

What to do if you're a "thinker" or a "dreamer."

And much more!

How to Manifest from Pinterest!

Plus you'll learn my secrets for manifesting directly from Pinterest, and how I've used Pinterest to create my physical boards for years, which speeds up manifesting. 

How Pinterest can help you create an effective visualization practice and force you to dream HUGE!

Since 2011 I've manifested over 200 pins! 

INCLUDES 4 all-new Pinterest tutorials. 

"I have already manifested some amazing experiences from my #futureboard after taking this course! Including paid for family vacations to Hawaii and a South Carolina beach vacations, new friendships and unexpected money, plus a total shift in mindset. It is so fun to see experiences that I have placed on my #FutureBoard come to life! I am so excited to see all that I will continue to manifest! "

Amber Gains
Course Student


Not sure what you want? Don't know if you have any dreams? Then this course is exactly what you need! 

Becoming the Manifesting Gangsta!

Over the last 10 years, I've manifested 7 boards and an entirely new life! Going from a single mom in poverty to living my craziest dreams!

And it's not just me, I've been teaching people around the world how to manifest their dream life using this method since 2010. 

This course covers all the concepts in my latest #1 best-selling book #FutureBoards How to Create a Vision Board to Get Exactly the Life You Want!

 You'll learn everything you need to know about creating the ONE BOARD that can change your life!


"Sarah's #futureboards method has totally changed my life. Since making my first #FutureBoard using her instructions, I have manifested the love of my life (now my husband), our new baby, financial success in my career, a new home, and a whole new mindset! Take this course. Learn how to make your #FuttureBoard. It will change your life."

Jess M
Real Estate Broker


This time next year you could be LIVING the photos on your #FutureBoard! Why would you waste a single day, when you could be manifesting RIGHT NOW?

Invest in Your Future Dream Life!

This course will teach you how to identify what has been blocking you in the past, how to remove those blocks, how to dream without limitation, how to identify what you want in all areas of your life and then HOW to create that life! Get ready to manifest BIG TIME!



One payment


  • 8 original Coaching modules, with videos, audios and worksheets, covering every section of the book #FutureBoards
  • All new homework journal to help you customize your dream life.


As a special thank you for your interest in #FutureBoard I wanna share an EXCLUSIVE video from the course. This video goes over the "Broke Mindset" and how to remove it. It's a great example of the unique coaching this course provides.



If you found the above coaching video valuable, I wanna give you one more FREE COACHING VIDEO on How to Get a Manifesting Mindset! In it I teach 3 of my 5 powerful tools for HOW to change your thoughts and mindset to begin manifesting what you want. GET INSTANT ACCESS BELOW.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most common questions asked about this course.

ALL NEW exclusive coaching videos on how to make your #futureboards, how to find the right pictures, how to use Pinterest to expand your dreams, how to identify what you want in all areas of your life, and all my other secrets. Plus my all new homework and journal assignments and Pinterest tutorials. 

INSTANTLY! As soon as you purchase the course all the course material is available to you. 

You will have LIFETIME access to the course, which means you'll get all the latest and greatest each time the course is updated!

This course is NON-REFUNDABLE as you get instant access to all my secrets and methods for creating your #FutureBoard. There are NO REFUNDS.


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